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For this project, you’ll identify a missing/overlooked topic on Wikipedia that merits further coverage to expand the depth and breadth of articles on Wikipedia, and counter its systemic biases.  You must pick a topic related to class themes, and that has sufficient resources available to demonstrate your skills of research and writing.  Whether you start with a “stub” article, or make a significant improvement to a starter-class entry, you are responsible for improving the reliability, utility, and scope of your chosen entry.

This assignment is intended to develop the following course learning goals:

  • clear communication: elegant writing following the conventions of Wikipedia, including tone, standards of proof, and digital communication.
  • scholarly research: selection of useful and appropriate scholarly sources for your citations and outside links.

Wikipedia Intervention:

For your chosen article, you should:

  • compose at least three new paragraphs with at least three internal wikilinks each
  • incorporate at least three reference sources (footnoted in the “Sources” section)
  • add at least two external links to reputable web sources (in the “External Links” section)
  • include an image from Wikicommons
  • Correct any factual errors, broken links, or inappropriate evidence
  • Write with clarity and style, using the tone appropriate for the genre


Guidelines for “Good” Article Status

Examples of “good” or “featured” Latin American Studies articles:

Intermediate deadlines are available through our class Wikipedia portal, and on the course schedule.

Project Memo: In addition to you work improving Wikipedia, you will write a short project memo essay (500-750 words) that contains at least a paragraph each on the following questions.  Note: you need to address them all, but not necessarily in this order!:

  1. Why did you select this article to improve? What is the larger cultural significance of this entry, and how does your work make it better?
  2. What state was it in before your intervention?  Why?
  3. How did you improve this entry?  Why did you choose to intervene in these ways?
  4. What did you learn about evaluating sources of information?  How does your work show your skills completing college-level research?
  5. How did you shape your edits to meet the Wikipedia community guidelines (5 Pillars)
  6. How did your peer review of other students’ articles improve their work?
  7. How can Wikipedia be used to improve public understanding of our field/your topic? Why is this important?

The heading of your paper should include your name, our course title, the title of your article, and the date.

Share your slide to our collaborative Google slideshow by 8pm on Tuesday, November 28th.

Upload your project memo to Moodle before class on Wednesday, November 29th.  This project is worth 10% of your course grade.