Wooster Encounters

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For this project, you’ll work throughout the semester to create a series of at least 16 Instagram posts (images and texts) that chronicle your perceptions of your emerging identity and developing community connections within the “new world” of the larger College of Wooster community.

For your final project, you’ll use at least 10 of these images for a five minute audio slideshow to explain how who you are and how you contribute to our campus community.  Taken together, what do these Instagram posts reveal about your first semester at The College of Wooster?  Note: the final project must include a post documenting your CCP participation.

Student learning goals

  • Crafting an argument about your identity as a Wooster student.
  • Clarity of communication: creating images and text to convey your message.
  • Exploring community and new perspectives: considering what it means to be part of a community on campus and beyond.


Your project will be evaluated on:

  • Attractiveness: image composition and variety (visual communication)
  • Creativity: post interest and variety (your command of the digital medium)
  • Relevance: your posts’ persuasive and compelling links to course themes of identity, community
  • Clear Communication: Elegant writing
  • Persuasiveness: Compelling, logically presented, and well supported argument about your campus encounters
  • Civic/Social Responsibility: Exhibits a commitment to community, civic engagement, and serving others
  • Digital Literacy:  Mastery of the genres, including the use of Instagram mechanics (hashtags, direct mentions, tagging) and a well-produced, polished final project

Upload the YouTube link to your final project to Moodle by 7pm on Thursday, December 14th.  You will also include a pdf list that lists the 16 instagram posts to fulfill the 16 required posts.  This assignment is worth 15% of your course grade.

Required Posts:

You are required to create posts documenting your attendance at and/or engagement with the following 16 experiences:

  • Sporting event
  • Performance or art exhibit
  • Your preferred study space
  • Academic lecture (*not* just one of your classes!)
  • Visit a downtown business
  • Attending a Wooster 101 session
  • Healthy ways to manage stress
  • Multicultural event (with a culture other than your own)
  • Student presentation about an internship or research experience
  • Your favorite Lowry meal
  • Student organization meeting (Scot Spirit Day or find a student org that suits your interests)
  • Black & Gold Weekend Event
  • CCP: You making a positive contribution to the community
  • Office hours session
  • Office hours session with a different professor
  • Writing Center or STEM Zone session


  • I strongly recommend that you create a new Instagram account for this project.  This will help you keep your work and personal digital lives separate.  Choose a name that protects your anonymity. You can easily switch between multiple accounts for your posts.
  • All your project posts must include the #holtfys hashtag.  (I will not look at your full account, and you don’t want me to).
  • Please use mentions (@username) to engage with your classmates or campus offices when appropriate.  For example: @cow_diversity_and_inclusion @woostersports @apex_at_woo @writingscots
  • You can complete these required 16 posts in any order, but must present at least 3 by September 10 (the end of week 3), 7 by October 8 (week 7), and 11 by November 5 (week 10).  (These deadlines are mainly so you’ll keep up with your posts).
  • In-class peer review of your final project script: Monday, December 4.  This should be around 500 words, and make a persuasive argument.
  • Make sure you include the source for all source images (if you use any you didn’t take from Instagram) and audio in a final “sources” slide. Follow Chicago bibliography style.
Common Sense Reminders
  • Don’t take photos of people without their permission.  This ESPECIALLY goes for any kids we work with for our CCP project.
  • While Instagram is often informal, you’re doing these particular posts for a class project.  That means no profanity, trolling, inappropriate hashtags/emoji, or other uncivil speech.  Put your best foot forward, be professional and polished, think about how you want to represent yourself online.
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