Oi Gente!!

My name is Will and I am a first year from Granville, Ohio. Unlike most of my fellow students, I took a gap year between high school. This period in my influenced me to deeply consider my ambitions as well as my interests, and as a result, I decided to reapply for college. During the spring of my senior year in high school, I had originally decided to attend college at Wittenburg Univeristy to pursue marine biology as well as join the lacrosse team. However, after plenty of time to reconsider, I realized that I find a better academic challenge at the College of Wooster. That being said, I plan to challenge myself to be the best student I know I can be, and to branch out my connections across campus with other students as much as possible. To wrap things up, I will share a brief story about the last time a broke a bone. February of my senior year, I found myself with my friends at the top of one of Ohio’s most gnarly peaks: Mad River Mountain. It was a particularly warm day and all the snow at the slopes that day were completely frozen. During one of my runs through the terrain park, I decided to jump the very last ramp at the bottom of the hill. Everything was going smoothly, I hit the ramp and glided off without error, but immediately after my skis left the earth surface, I noticed that there was no down ramp to speak of. I then proceeded to get obliterated by the icy ground and break my collar bone. However I did not realize that anything was wrong at that moment, so I preceded to ski for another 5 minutes or so before blacking out in front of the medic tent and being told that I had snapped my collar bone. And that’s the story about the last time I broke a bone. Thanks for reading y’all!

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