“Only Connect…” Cronon

In William Cronon’s article “Only Connect…” he outlines what a liberal education means. Cronon’s article is for people who have either graduated from a liberal arts school or who plan on attending one, but they don’t know what it means to have a liberal arts education. Cronon begins his article with what having a liberal education meant back in the 1800s to what it is now. Cronon says now it is having courses not in the students major, so they become more well-rounded. Cronon’s main point, though, is that it doesn’t matter what the curriculum is, but more the qualities a person should have by the time they go through their liberal education. Cronon’s evidence is that many people have forgotten the attended purpose of a liberal education. Cronon’s says the main point of a liberal education are ten attributes he believes every liberal educated person should have.

I cannot say whether I found Cronon’s article persuasive or not because I already agreed with them. I did not find anything on his list shocking, I agreed with everything he said. The other problem is I know a couple people who have not had a liberal education, but from a tech school, and they still have his ten attributes. I believe that his list of ten can be written in three steps; 1 appreciate people for who they are, 2 be able to problem solve, and 3 learn how to communicate effectively.

To make a clear distinction between Cronon’s ideas and my own I must make sure either “Cronon’s” or “My/I” is in every sentence.

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