A Land So Strange and the Creolization of America

In the introduction of A Land So Strange, the author reflects on the ideas of Cabeza de Vaca that it was possible for European colonists to peacefully colonize the new world, yet most lacked such insight of America that Cabeza de Vaca gained through cultural integration across the continent.  In David Buisseret’s Creolization in the Americas, he describes and gives examples of the melding of cultures in the new world. However, he specifically points out how, although African and Native American culture did influence many modern cultures, English North America evaded most of this acculturation. Buisseret explains how wealthy colonists employed European ideals into their way of life, using medieval farming techniques and eating European foods. Whereas the poor were forced to learn Native methods of farming, and mimic their style of architecture.

While Cabeza de Vaca was correct in saying a humane occupation of the Americas was possible, he did not go about explaining how to persuade colonists to integrate their culture into the culture of the Natives.

In Creolization of the Americas, the author gives examples of the mixing of cultures in French-speaking Canada, regions in the US, and in South America, but he does not state how these examples have impacted the world we live in, nor the impact left on Europe from the colonization of the new world.

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