Evaluating Wikipedia

When reading and evaluating the Wikipedia page on Estabanico, I noticed a few things:

The talk page only contained a few entries. One contained an immature comment and only one truly followed Wiki guidelines and include what was changed as well as an explanation.

Although Estavanico’s wiki page is short it does contain a few sources with credibility. The sources I looked up included passages from books and websites from organization. The links I clicked also lead to other wiki pages which defined words or nouns that were brought up throughout the article.

I felt that Estavanico’s early life was missing from the wiki page. The page seemed to only include his ethnicity (which was also questionable on the page) and his life from after her was sold to slavery. The page focused it’s majority on his journey through New Spain and with the four survivors till his death.

The page does not include any viewpoints from Estabanico himself.

The page does not seem to be openly bias but the fact that it did not include Estabanico perspective can lead one to see the bias. The page focused on Estabanico journey with the other four survivors but did not focus on him alone.

The page appears to be maintained since the last revision was made on August 1, 2017.


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