Wiki Criticisms

The wikipedia article on the Narváez expedition was informative, although obviously less so than A Land So Strange. However, the talk page brought up some interesting points that I wouldn’t have considered myself. Technically the Narváez expedition ended with Narváez’s death, but the iconic part doesn’t occur until after his demise. One commenter suggested that wikipedians could just write as much about the de Vaca journey on the Narváez expedition page as they could, and then break it up into two separate Wikipedia pages, one for the Narváez expedition and one for de Vaca journey. Interestingly, that never happened and the page is more heavily skewed towards the de Vaca journey.

At the top of the article it has a little window saying that it needs citations for verification. The citations and links the article did have all worked, although I think the references section is longer than the footnotes sections, which seems slightly problematic. The article isn’t rated, and it’s missing what I consider to be considerable information in the South Texas and Southwestern Northern America sections. It isn’t very clear and it has some gaps in events and time. Other than that, it seems neutral to me, although there hasn’t been a ton of heavy editing since it was written it seems.

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