Significant Quote HW 9/7/2017

Chapter 8 of “A Land So Strange” describes Cabeza de Vaca’s, Estabanico’s, Dorantes’, and Castillo’s journey after they decide to venture more into the land and abandon the hopes of reaching European settlements. They men decide to follow their new adventure as medicine men which leads them to discoveries of new plentiful land, natives, valuable minerals (copper and turquoise), and food. After reading Following the Corn Trail, (chapter 8) I found the most significant quote to be, “The four wanderers were no longer mere castaways; they had become explorers once again…” (188) I believe this quote implies that Cabeza de Vaca, Estabanico, Castillo, and Dorantes are no longer victims of their situation. They have adapted to their lifestyle as medicine men and to their new land. The four men are no longer helpless. They have discovered a new way of life for themselves and have begun to learn more as they continue about this land. Resendez enforces this argument by providing examples of the men flourishing in their new lifestyle. Resendez writes, “the natives would offer shelter, food, and gifts to the four men in exchange for access to their healing powers.” (190) Fortunately, the men are given provisions needed to survive due to their new social status. They do not have to worry about staying alive anymore and can pursue their original goal and explore this new world once again. I believe the quote chosen sums up the chapter and the turning point of the men’s lives in the foreign world. 


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