Noticias Discussion Week 2 (Maya, Cesar, & Bryce)

Read the summaries of Joseph, Kyrsten, and Maggie and the corresponding articles.

The articles that Kyrsten and Joseph chose both discuss violence in Mexico: femicide and murder. Mexico appears to be a violent country.

  • How does the portrayal of Mexico and other Latin American countries in the media shape your views of these countries and its people?
  • Is there any apparent bias in the articles that lead you to believe that Mexico is more violent than it seems?

According to the the article Maggie chose and from what you have seen in everyday life, Latinos are not as represented in Hollywood and in other occupations.

  • How do you think we can improve the representation of Latinos in the workforce?
  • What will the effects be on Latin American identity in the United States if the representation of this part of the world is improved?

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