Baseball in the Dominican Republic

I may be able to complete my Wikipedia assignment on this article about Sports in the Dominican Republic. In the baseball section there is a lot of good information about the history of baseball in the country. However, I noticed that closer to the end of the baseball section there is a little bit of information about the relations between the US and the Dominican Republic as a result of baseball. I think this information could be built upon or elaborated upon.

One good source might be the information that the MLB has on the history of baseball in the Dominican Republic, found here.  Another article, found here, has more information about why the Dominican Republic produces so many great baseball players. However, the wikipedia article already has a lot of information about the history of baseball in the Dominican Republic. So I think an even better source can be found in this article about the way the MLB treats prospective players from the Dominican Republic.

It would appear as though nobody else has spoken about including the way the MLB treats prospective Dominican players in the article. Lots of parts of the talk page include stuff about other sports, like volleyball. So perhaps this is not the best article to think about working on but I think it could be improved a little bit.

5 thoughts on “Baseball in the Dominican Republic

  1. Jovi

    I think its great you’ve already found more reliable sources to add to the wiki page. Its important to fill in the gaps between the relationship of US and Dominican in relationship to baseball. I also think it would be good to make the article more specific and add more info about baseball and not the random other sports that pop up.

  2. Will

    In your blog post, you point out a major flaw within the Wikipedia page that has a drastic impact on the the US beyond the baseball field. You have multiple great sources, however Forbes may not fit Wikipedia’s citation guidelines. Additionally, referencing the MLB’s official website makes me feel suprised that this content has not been added.

  3. Maya

    The fact that so many successful baseball players originate from the Dominican Republic is very fascinating and something integral to the country and the entirety of Latin America. I agree that the section of this particular article should be enhanced. Perhaps, though, you could create a new page since you want to emphasize the relationship between the U.S. and the Dominican Republic in regards to baseball and the treatment of Dominican players? A lot can be said about the encounters these differently cultured players have with each other and how the identity of the Dominican players is altered. Your topic seems specific enough and having already found some sources that you can use will surely help you during the process. Good luck!

  4. camryn

    I really like the idea of researching sports, specifically baseball, in the Dominican Republic. This is a topic I know very little about and also hear very little about as well. I think if you narrow in on baseball you can spend a lot of time researching details and making comparisons and analyses between the baseball culture in the Dominican Republic versus other places such as the United States.


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