Homework 10/23/207

Rivera Rideau argues that once Reggeton hit the mainstream media in the US around the 2000s, the media chose to systematically racialize Latinos and African Americans. Rideau undergoes intense examination of the media coverage during this period and finds that the media portrays Latinos and African Americans with stereotypes yet keeping the two races separated from each other although the creators of the music are closely linked. The way the media chose to portray the two groups created a separation of the races that had not been present in the original Latin environments. The article sheds light on the issues of race, gender, and class and how they shape the evolution of reggeton. Specifically, the aspect of colorism plays a role in the success of reggeton artists. Examples show how lighter skinned Latinos or the ‘not quite black’ Latinos achieved more success and recognition when their music was brought to the US mainstream media. Examples of this were shown with Daddy Yankee, Enrique Iglesias and Shakira. Gender also played a role in the music industry for the artists. The article describes the success of multiple male artists but vaguely mentions female artists. It seems that gender and race play a huge role in the success of these artists. On another note, reggaton music often sexualizes women and creates degradation of women. The article also describes how reggaton’s music reflects the social class of the artists. The music has become associated with low income and impoverished neighborhoods. This leads to the stereotypes that these dynamics lead to criminal activity. This leads to the continued negative views of minority races.  It is obvious that the author has an angry tone when writing the article as he discusses the negative effects of the stereotypes of reggaton music.

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