Wikipedia Revisions

The people who commented on my Wikipedia plans suggested that I add pictures and replace bad sources. They also warned me to remain unbiased because my topic can quickly become biased. As far as pictures go, I will look for good pictures of my topic but I am not sure that they will be available. I will try to at least incorporate a picture of the Autodefensa symbol which is a white dove. In terms of replacing bad sources, I will see what kind of overlap my sources have with the bad ones. If there is overlap I will absolutely replace those sources with better ones. If there is no overlap, I will do some research however it can be hard to find good information on my topic. It seems like the person who wrote my article originally had a lot of knowledge of Autodefensas groups in Mexico before they did any research and just tried to find a few sources to back up what they knew. Hopefully I will be able to find better ones that serve the same purpose. Finally, I will be sure to remain unbiased. This will be hard considering the topic however I think it will be doable as long as I stick to factual information and am very careful with my word choice. For example I will say that some Autodefensas groups began to sell drugs to finance their organization however I will not compare this to cartel activity even though it is similar. If I made that comparison I may be forcing my own conclusions on my readers which is not allowed on Wikipedia. I got a lot of good feedback so now I just have to get started!

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