Summary of Peer Reviewing

My peer reviewer mentioned a few things about my sources which I think are incredibly important. Dr. Holt noted that two of my sources are not very scholarly though they have interesting information. My peer reviewer pointed out that my sources may be biased in some respects so I have to make sure to leave that out of my article, and I have to make sure I represent all viewpoints. Also, because my peer reviewer admitted that she didn’t know much about the DSL, I think it will be important for me to make sure the people reading my article know what I am talking about. I think that if I make sure my introductory paragraph is solid, readers will understand what I’m talking about, so I’ll be sure to make my introductory paragraph at the beginning of the article informative and easy to understand. Lastly, my peer reviewer noted that because I am working on a brand new article as opposed to a preexisting one, I need to be sure to stay on topic, because I have so much freedom with what I can write. I will be sure to keep this in mind as I write my article. I found my peer reviewers comments to be beneficial and practical.

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