Noticias Questions

For this week, please read Maggie’s article and Kanishk’s article. These two articles talk about Venezuela’s economic crisis (if you would like background information to better understand the topic before we talk about, you can skim this wikipedia article).

Discussion Questions:

(We probably won’t have time to talk about all of these, however they’re all pretty related, and we hope they spark interesting conversation and discussion)

  1. Is it the responsibility of global economic superpowers, such as the US, to give aid to countries that we’re politically opposed to? That is to say, are we responsible to the citizens of these countries with governments we’re at ends with? If so, what actions should we take to assist them, and how can they be financed? If your country’s government is corrupt, who takes care of you?
  2. Going off of the previous questions, should we intervene in the affairs of foreign countries? How responsible are we for the economic and political situation in Venezuela and Latin America as a whole? If we are responsible, should and how do we make reparations?
  3. How do we hold the US and other super powers accountable for their actions, especially in other countries? Who does Trump’s sanctions hurt, the people of Venezuela, or the government?


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