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Final Noticias


On November 15th a submarine from the Argentine naval forces the “ARA San Juan” with 44 crew members onboard went missing and the search began. Since the submarine was lost there has been limited communication with the vessel but in the few messages received the vessel’s captain told the naval command that water entered the submarine through the snorkel and made its way to the submarines battery by way of the ventilation system causing an onboard fire or smoke without fire. The fire was resolved and the damaged battery was isolated  and the vessel made it continued to move underwater on a secondary battery.

The Argentine military submarine ARA San Juan and crew are seen leaving the port of Buenos Aires, Argentina June 2, 2014. Picture taken on June 2, 2014. Armada Argentina/Handout via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. - RC1370ED5680

the vessel was commissioned 1985 and most recently refitted 3 years ago

shortly after last communication an explosion was detected in the search area while attempting to find and rescue the vessel, no debris or physical evidence has been discovered but the same unfortunate situation holds true for the location of the submarine.



This link talks about how Guatemalan lesbian congresswoman Sandra Moran is making great progress in the representation of the LGBTQ community. Ms.Moran says she doubts she is the first member of congress to be apart of the LGBTQ community but she is definitely the first to be open about it, she decided to come out publicly while running for congress to give more representation for the community she represents. This was a big step. forward for Guatemala which is historically a very conservative Catholic country.

Some of the ways Ms.Moran is fighting to advocate, protect and represent the LGBTQ community is by fighting to strengthen Guatemalan Anti-discrimination laws so that they will include gender identity, and sexual orientation. Sandra argues that “The violence against the LGBT community because of homophobia, lesbophobia and transphobia is overwhelming.”

She has a long history of activism and fighting for equal rights for the people of Guatemala, she joined her first activist group at age 14 it was a “leftist student movement” at the time the country was in the mist of a civil war where leftist students disappeared methodically due in entirely to the Guatemalan government. So her long history of activism has not and will not end anytime soon she is making great headway in the fight for human rights and is a very brave individual unarguably.

Noticias: Cable Car boom in Latin America

Cable cars are becoming a huge trend in Latin America due to the fact it has great benefits to the lower class as well as politicians. The cable cars benefits the lower class in part because of its affordability it only cost 7 pesos (37 cents) also the cable car is a more time efficient way to get around it takes a cable car 19 minutes to run the same route with the same stops as a bus which takes 80 minutes because of the areas mountainous geography which means the cable cars cause for a less stressful ride. On top of being time and financially efficient cable cars can transport a greater volume of people in a day in a single day Mexicable’s 185 cars transport 18,000 people. Also the cable cars are less likely to be stuck up and robbed compared to buses.

his new trend is helpful for the government as well because it challenges private owned bus companies and it only takes 18 months to erect the cable car lines also it is an affordable alternative to widening roadways for more buses. this means the governments of Latin America have an affordable and fast way too challenge the private owned buses that rule lower class commuting. on. top of being cost effective and time efficient, installation of cable car lines do not require the displacement of large amounts of people. in areas where cable cars are present in Latin America there is a trend of decreased crime and increased employment. By 2023 Mexico City plans to have 2 more lines up and running



Amazon sends support to Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria is the strongest storm to hit Puerto Rico since 1928, it has destroyed 80% of its crop value and downed 80% on the islands power lines which could take 6 months to repair leaving 3.4 million people without power, that is the entire population off Puerto Rico. Numbers in the millions are often hard for the human brain to grasp so to put this into perspective this is approximately the equivalent of the entire city of Los Angeles being without power. On top of the island wide power outage the manufacturing of medication accounts for roughly 90,000 jobs on the island of Puerto Rico, the storm has completely destroyed the medication business there which means a major loss of jobs and revenue for Puerto Rico where 40% of the population already lived in poverty and 10% of the Island before the storms were already unemployed. The island only has $15 million in its emergency fund hurricane irma alone caused $1 billion in damages after hurricane Maria Puerto Rico is $74 billion in debt.

Álvar Núñez wiki article

I read the article Álvar Núñez on wiki and all of the information seemed to be on point with the topic and relevant. The article talks about Álvar Núñez in a comprehensive way it gives a very broad non-selective view of him without declaring any opinion on him or portraying im in any one individual’s perspective. The article while being fairly long gives and gives a lot of detail it hits a lot of the important facts about Álvar Núñez that people may want to read the article to quickly find fun facts (i.e birth/death dates, parents names, resting place etc.) The article is also broken down into very topic specific sections that stay on target and make it easy to find specific information about Álvar Núñez. Within these sections there is a lot of important need to know facts about where he explored, what he discovered, who “funded” him and his crew. As I read I realized almost every key person, artifact or place in his life had a working link attached so the reader could completely understand him and the things he did by learning deeper into each individual milestone or event. None of the links or sources are outdated as far as I can tell all of the information in them were still relevant. A Lot of the questions on the talk about it page have been addressed or added to the article which is good and reinforces the the fact that the article is up to date, also on person asked about the origin of where he got the name Cabeza de Vaca and ask is the story about him getting it from his ancestors just a “charming story” or was that actually how that came to be his name. The person who presents the question suggest it may be more likely he got the name Cabeza de Vaca because his mother was from the village Cabeza la Vaca in what today is Badajoz. Some one also states that they believe that the articles rating should be higher rated than its current rating of low importance. This was a very solid article and in my opinion it hit all if the needed marks i feel are required on Álvar Núñez to be a good source of information.

William C. passage

The passage “only connect” William Cronon argues that people’s perception of liberal education is skewed and he tells the reader what he believes a liberal arts education to be. He credits the action of telling students what classes they need become liberate. Cronon doesn’t think telling people the classes they should take and the order they should take them is how to get people to be more liberate. There are some parts of his argument that i find intriguing when he talks about the roots of the word “liberal” in different ancient languages, he talks about the  greek, latin and old english. Being a liberal arts student you would think i did more research on what the word liberal means, unfortunately that isn’t true. I never looked deeper into what it meant to go to a “liberal arts” school i figured a degree was a degree no matter where you got it from, but going to a Liberal arts school the education goes so much deeper than just a degree. But, unless the author can give a better idea than a “list” i disagree with him.

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