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Possible Wikipedia Topic

After engaging in a conversation with my friend Gerald, I decided to look more into ‘Las Escualas Flotantes’ or ‘The Floating Schools.’ These school’s are designed and built in order to continue teaching children due to flooding or natural disasters that occur in their environment. This floating schools can be found in Argentina, Columbia, Bangladesh, and Nigeria. These structures are typically boat-like structures designed into a school space for children whose school’s have been shut down or destroyed due to a disaster. I believe it is important to share and shed light on this topic because it highlights the importance of education and how much we take it for granted. Unfortunately, I could not find any Wikipedia articles on this topic. I did find videos, volunteer programs, and other websites with a plethora of information. There was one page on Wikipedia connected to floating schools. The article is called “Mokoko Floating School” and describes the floating school located in Nigeria. It’s a very short wiki article with only two paragraphs (history and design). The references are books/newspapers which are all relatively modern and reliable and the links appear to work as well. The talk page did not have any discussions on it.

links used:

First Latin American Floating School Inaugurated


Floating Schools: A Solution to Flooding Across the Globe