Hey y’all, I’m Camryn! A few facts about myself are that I really like to sing, dance and hang out with friends. Something that might be surprising is that I really enjoy getting to learn about people on a personal level. I really like to hear about people’s backgrounds, how they grew up and small things about them that might seem irrelevant in normal conversation. I originally heard about Wooster through my college counselor at my high school as well as a friend who also attends Wooster but is now a sophomore. I started researching the school more and it rose to one of my top schools. Though it did not have a forensics program like some of the other schools I was interested in, after visiting campus I enjoyed the strong sense of a community more than any other school I visited. My biggest goal for this semester is to get a feel for the college lifestyle and to balance a job with my academic studies and social life.

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