“They Say, I Say” and “Only Connect” Blog Post

Though it is not specifically stated in the text, “Only Connect” I believe William Cronon is responding to those who are not aware of what a ‘liberal arts’ education is.  According to the reading, liberal arts is not an education base on political liberalism, instead it celebrates human freedom to chose an education for oneself. Cronon repeatedly states that the point of a liberal arts education is to connect with others whether that being with writing, speaking, listening, understanding, solving puzzles, and empower. Conon’s argument is to connect with everyone we meet and to empower those around us.  He also states that one cannot just achieve a liberal arts education, it is more of a lifestyle choice to connect and positively influence those around us. I personally found it more educational and motivating rather than persuasive. I thought this because it did not seem that Cronon was convincing people to pursue liberal arts, instead he was informing those on how to live a liberal arts lifestyle.


According to the book, “They Say, I say” the writer/I needs to explain what he/she is responding to in a response and then make a new individual point. If I were to make a distinction between my ideas and Cronan it would be best to explain which point of Cronon’s I am responding to and then introduce my idea after. One way of doing this is by starting with a quotation, fact/statistic, or anecdote that ties to the view I am commenting on.  It is important to do so in order for the reader or listener to understand where my point is coming from as well as the original argument.

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