A Land So Strange Intro

They Say I Say chapter two and the introduction of A Land So Strange  is about telling a story the way it happened and not exaggerating it to make it seem more grandiose than it actually is. This can be seen in a land so strange when the author Andres Resendez says, “It is tempting to narrate their journey as an extreme tale of survival: four naked men at the mercy of the natural elements, facing an extraordinary array of native societies (Resendez Pg 3).” This shows that Resendez wants to accurately depict De Vaca and his companions travels.

The reading Creolization in the America clarifies how cultures “assimilate” with one another when two previously unfamiliar cultures come into contact with one another. He says the word Creolization is a better term then assimilation. He backs this saying that to have a donor culture and receiving culture makes no sense because all cultures borrow from each other albeit at different rates and different aspects of each culture it is irrelevant when looked at in the long run. I find this argument to be persuasive because of the evidence it has to back it. Also I feel it makes more sense logically that a culture can not donate aspects of itself they are merely taken by other cultures that feel it would be appropriate to take.

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