The article Creolization in the Americas written by David Buisseret argues that the terms “assimilation” and “acculturation” are not the best terms to be used to describe what we know to be the columbian exchange era. The terms assimilation and acculturation imply that during a cultural exchange, cultural ideas are passed from a superior “donor’ to a “recipient” culture thus alluding that one culture is superior to the other. Buisseret discusses that during a cultural exchange there is no superior “donor”, instead, he says that the term “creolization” represents a blending of cultural ideas and exchange which is a more accurate in the exchange between the Europeans, Native Americans and Africans.

      Buisseret does a nice job utilizing evidence such as how the french adapts to climates because of colonization in Quebec as well as many other examples. I think that Buisseret’s argument is compelling because he does an excellent job utilizing skills that we read about in “They Say, I Say” such as summarizing the preexisting beliefs and ideas while simultaneously disagreeing with them.

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