Noticias 9/11/2017- California Sues Trump Administration Over DACA Elimination

The article I read was very interesting and also pleasing to read considering the injustices minorities have undergone (especially) since Trump’s presidency. The article from Huffington posts explains how the state of California is fighting back on Trump’s administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival’s (DACA) program. On Monday, Sept. 11, 2017, the California Attorney General Xavier Cercerra announced he will be suing Trump’s administration to prevent deportation of thousands of young undocumented immigrants.

The article goes on to state their reasoning for suing. It is not only a morality issue but a legal one as well. Becerra argues that Trump’s  administration would be breaking multiple laws including the fifth amendment which states one receives due process and cannot incriminate oneself. If DACA is reversed undocumented immigrants would be incriminating themselves by giving out information of their legal status when DACA was instated not knowing or being warned of the future effects on giving this info. Maine, Minnesota, and Maryland have also decided to join the lawsuit. There is a message from Trump stating he does feel sympathy for the dreamers and there may be a possibility of amnesty.

The article describes latinos as innocent students as well as victims. Latinos have a large population in the state of Califoria and thousands would have their hopes and dreams crushed if they were to lose their DACA status. They are also described as suffering a huge injustice with the US law. It’s almost as if they were tricked into criminating themselves by giving their legal status to the government for their education (a human right) and now being threatened to lose their education and amnesty.

This article embraces our class themes of Latin identity and encounters because it impacts us on a much closer level. As college students, some of us may in fact be ‘dreamers’ and experience this scary prospect of being deported or having friends/family being deported. I chose this article because in a literal sense some students identify as undocumented students. In another sense we are encountering this national issue in present day and it is important to stay updated on current events.

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