Noticias: Devastation in the Caribbean

CNN Mackintosh, Eliza and O’Sullivan, Donie 12 Sept. 2017

This CNN article talks about the devastation that hurricane Irma caused in the Caribbean. The article has a survivor’s story and concerns for each island that Irma hit. All the survivors are currently on the island and now all of them are worried about what happens next and their families’ safety. In the islands that were hit hardest they are running low on food and water, and the people who lived on the island are left with nothing. In most of the islands there isn’t any power or telephone poles left. Many of the survivors are walking several miles each day to call their loved ones. Some of the survivors mentioned how people are beginning to loot and fear it is going to get worse. One survivor on the U.S. Virgin Islands says their friend was robbed at machete-point. Some of the survivors mention how they have been hit by pervious hurricanes in their life-times, but nothing compares to the destruction that Irma has caused.

Most of the article is quoting the survivors. This adds a level of reality to the devastation that Irma has caused. Reading about damage from a journalist or columnist is different than reading about it from the actual people whose lives have changed. The people in the article mention how desperate they are for food and water and this causes the reader to want to do whatever they can to help the people in the Caribbean.

The article connects to the class’s Identity theme. Mentioned throughout the article is people saying they have never experienced a hurricane this bad. This means the Islanders are used to having some hurricanes which could be why the stayed instead of fleeing. Also with most of their houses and belongings gone the people of the Islands find themselves lost, confused, and scared. The Islanders feel as if they have lost their identities.

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