Ideas for Research Project

I am considering doing my research project on:

  1. Predominantly Latin communities/neighborhoods in Chicago (Pilsen, Humboldt, etc. ) and how/why they came to be. (Looking at the history and immigration to these areas.) I may extend to see what negative and positive effects having a community like this cause.
  2. How different people in Guatemala interact with each other. (City vs. mountain and country people) and why it may be negative or positive. I want to examine the history of my country.

I hope to discover more about my city and the neighborhoods I am frequently in but do not know the history of. I am also interested in the various Guatemalan people’s encounters. I know there are differences and connotations to each, but I want to know why and where these dences started.

After searching wiki and credo, I found many sources. Thankfully Chicago is a big city with many documented sources if its history. I found info on the specific neighborhoods history, traditions, residents, etc.

I also found lots of information on Guatemala that I thought would be helpful. This included the differences in ethnic groups, languages, indigenous integration, religion, etc.

Overall, I think my topics are interesting to me and I will be able to find info about both.


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