Potential research topics

For my Wikipedia research project I would be interested in researching vigilante or autodefensas groups in Colombia. People these groups form in response to the formation of cartels and the lack of government response in order to protect themselves and their families. The problem is that these groups often lack order and this can lead to unintended violence. Because of all this, the difference between cartels and vigilante groups are not always clear. This is not necessarily an effective option for dealing with crime but what can people do about all of this? This could be related to culture because this is an increasingly common part of life in rural areas of many Latin American countries where drug crime is common. This could also be related to identity because the people who are part of these groups give up a big part of their identities as citizens of these countries to become vigilantes who are labeled as criminals by the government and often ostracized by others in their areas. Wikipedia does not have an official page for vigilantism in Colombia. Wikipedia does have a few specific pages for specific vigilante groups however most of these are stubs. Luckily I did find more comprehensive Wikipedia articles on the topic in Spanish so I may be able to use some sources from that page and translate them in order to create more comprehensive pages in English. Unfortunately, Credo also does not have a lot of information about these groups so if the sources on the Spanish Wikipedia page do not pan out I may be out of luck.

Another research topic I would be interested in for my project is Jews in Colombia. I am interested in Jewish culture (because I am Jewish) and I am interested in Colombia so I think it would be interesting to learn about Judaism in Colombia, especially because I am considering studying abroad there. This topic would relate to both culture and identity in Latin America and would be interesting to study because Colombia is a predominantly Christian country. Wikipedia already has an article about the history of Jews in Colombia, it is not super long but it is not a stub article either. Credo seems to have a bit more information on the topic, especially about Jewish contributions to Latin American and Colombian arts/culture however it is quite possible that there will be a good bit of overlap in the information that the two sites provide.

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