BaoZou Big News Event

Baozou Big News Event is a very popular weekly Internet talk show in China. Starting from 2013, Baozou Big News Event has been on for 4 years and has 5 seasons. The show covers the topics of news, literature, history, psychology, geography, politics, chemistry, biology and more. The Host always wears a headgear of the Rage Comic and uses humorous words to report ridiculous news events. Since 2008, it has been watched 0.38 billion times. The show is an important component of Chinese people’s free time. But I cannot find a very updated information from the Wikipedia page. The wiki article is only two paragraphs long and it’s not even accurate.  Since the talk show is closely updating, I find that the last edited time is half a year ago. In addition, the description for the talk show is painfully simple and there is nothing about several important characters which compose to the overall popularity of the talk show, for example, Wang Nima, Tang Maru and etc. The reference is also not updated and they are all the information from 2015. Therefore, we could see a huge content gap.

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  1. Jovi

    I think it’s really cool that you chose something from your everyday life. It’s interesting to see that something so popular has little info. Could this be due to the fact that it is not a show from the US. I think this can connect to Latin America and how little media coverage and info is given to some topics not related to the US.


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