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One idea for an article that can be improved is Carlos Juan Finlay. Finlay was the first person to realize that yellow fever is connected to mosquitos back in 1886. However, his idea was ignored until 1900 when someone else made the claim, and he did not received credit for making this discovery until 36 years after his death. The Wikipedia article about Finlay is very brief containing only seventeen very short paragraphs. There could be expansion on his work with the yellow fever/mosquito connection and expansion on his other work. There are only two paragraphs about his Legacy, which could be expanded, and there is no information on his personal life (if he was married, had children, etc.). One source that has more information than Wikipedia is ScienceBlogs where it describes more accepts of his professional career. On the Wikipedia talk page there seems to be confusion if his name is Carlos Juan or Juan Carlos and there are comments about citation errors. If this article was to be chosen the first step would be to figure out if his name is Carlos Juan or Juan Carlos and then make sure the Wikipedia article name corresponds with the discovered information.

4 thoughts on “Possible Wiki Article

  1. Fish

    This is a good article as it recognizes a scientist who is a minority for a ground breaking and life saving discovery. Showing people that all ethnicity have and can contribute to the advancement of science.

  2. Jonah

    I think this would be a really interesting topic and it really fits our project description! This area of history would provide information about an important historical figure who has not received sufficient credit for his achievements. Have you found scholarly articles that discuss Mr Finlay and his achievements? How about books on him and his work? Is this theme related to Latin America at all? I know it doesn’t have to be but I am just curious.

  3. camryn

    This is a cool research topic because not only is the topic interesting, but by improving this article you would be helping to recognize a lesser known scientist. I agree that adding to this article is a good thing because it would help recognize that people of different backgrounds are capable of scientific discovery. Would you be discussing and researching just his contributions to science or also about his home life and background?


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