In this article research has been conducted on the virus that took the world by surprise, this virus being Zika which has been devastating Latin America for the past few months. What this article deals with is why Zika has such diverse effects in Latin America, but the birth defects commonly caused by Zika in South America are not seen in other places at least to this degree.

This is because Zika is not a completely new virus that has just been discovered. Zika has been around in Asia for a long time, but the effects it had on newborns were never this drastic. Scientists proposed that their was a mutation in the virus. This mutation was called S139N. This specific mutation was seen first in French Polynesia and was the first case where chidlren displayed microcephaly in large numbers.

This is a problem for many Latin American countries whose economy relies on tourism. Mainly because the fear of infection could drive people away from affected areas. This could lead to problems for countries who are already struggling with trade embargo or recessions. Also this virus poses a problem for expecting mothers already in the country. As every second of the day poses a danger to their child.

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