Comments on my Peer Review Assessment

Although I only received one peer review edit, the opinion was quite helpful. Joseph stated that my plans were very descriptive. He also agreed with me that there were a few examples of plagiarism already on the page and that I should delete those paragraphs or cite them. Joseph also made an important point that since gentrification is such a controversial topic, I should be careful to not write with a bias when adding my section. I will definitely keep this in mind when writing my paragraph.  Thank you again Joseph for taking the time to review my article.


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(p.s enjoy this picture of a beautiful mural located in Pilsen, Chicago. (the area I am writing my wiki article about!))

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Hey everyone, My name is Kyrsten and I'm from Chicago. I have 3 pet dogs and a turtle. I play 5 instruments and I'm majoring in music therapy. I chose Wooster because ( as much as I love my big city) I wanted a small school experience and more one on one learning experiences. I love to travel and explore new places. I'm pretty much a thrift junkie/hoarder. I love buying vintage clothes and jewelry and creating cute and unique looks from them. I look forward to my experience at Wooster as well as meeting all the beautiful people here.

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