Peer Reviewer Suggestions!

     First, I want to thank my peer reviewer! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my ideas on improving the article and giving me feedback for it. The person who reviewed my ideas of improvement agreed that adding to how society impacts the way women dress and the textiles they produce is important to add. I think by doing this I can address the different meanings behind the patterns and embroideries of certain clothing pieces such as the huipil (only briefly mentioned in the article) as my peer reviewer suggested. While brainstorming of things to add to the article, I did feel like I had hit a sort of roadblock of things to add which is why I appreciate the suggestion to add to the introduction/overview section of the article. Looking back at the article now, I completely agree. The overview section is incredibly underdeveloped in this article and I think I can add a lot to it. I can use this section to provide historical context and introduce the audience to evidence that’ll help them answer the question of “Why does this article even matter?”. Lastly, thank you so much to my peer reviewer for reminding me of the picture idea! You’re so right, I do actually have a hooded jacket that I brought back from Latin America that would work well with this project and the article. This suggestion also reminded me of a lot of other things I brought back that could possibly work in these projects! I’m going to try to get someone from home to text me a picture of them!       

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