Peer Review Suggestions

The additions that I will make to my Wikipedia article are central around the success of the brand, Havaianas. As a result, both of my peer reviewers suggested that it may be difficult to remain neutral when discussing the impact of this brand because I do not want to try to persuade readers for why the brand is so successful. Essentially, I need to show the methods and techniques that were utilized by the brand from a marketing perspective. It was recommended that I gather as many statistics as I can and try to provide charts and tables that further demonstrate the brand’s impact on the world. I do not know whether it will be feasible to add charts and graphs since I do not own the rights to them, but I can use the information supplied by the graphs and cite it as a source. This brings me to the next point that both of my peer reviewers made, which is to cite heavily. More citations yield greater credibility. Additionally, both of my peer reviewers agreed with me that there is an evident content gap in my article and my plan will improve it substantially. However, I was also asked about how I plan to place my research in the article, which provoked me to think about the organizational structure that I will incorporate into my article and the different sections that I will name. All of their suggestions were really beneficial and have caused me to think about my additions in multiple ways. Thanks peer reviewers!

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