Noticias 10/30/2017

The article I chose this week is called, “Mexico’s Day of the Dead Parade Pays Tribute to Quake Victims.” I chose this article because I feel as though we describe Dia de los Muertos as a fun and exciting festival and although it can be, it is important to remember it’s purpose, which is to honor the dead. Mexico suffered an intense earthquake in September that killed hundreds of loved ones. This year’s Day of the Dead emphasized this tragedy during the parade. The article describes the common traditions associated with the parade, which include face panting, performances, giant sculptures with beautiful marigolds, and cultural artwork. This year, participants honored those specifically killed in the earthquake by wearing shirts with the words, “#fuerzamorelos” or “Be Strong Morelos.” (Morelos is a state that was affected by the 7.1-magnitude earthquake.) Another group wore fluorescent aid-worker vests and marched with fists in the air. This was a tribute to the rescuers who had demanded silence as they listened for desperate survivors in the rubble from the second quake. Then article also mentioned that Day of the Dead is also a celebration of life and a symbol of unity in Mexican culture.

The article portrays Mexican people as heartbroken for the immense loss of their people, buildings, homes, and land from the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that occurred just a month ago. But the article also shows how resilient and strong the Mexican survivors and residents are after the disaster. Despite the traumatic event they are still able to come together and unite to celebrate life and their lost loved ones.

I believe this article relates to our course themes because this week we are specifically discussing Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. This holiday is significant to Mexican culture. It portrays their dedication and emphasis on tradition (since Dia de los Muertos has been celebrated since Mesoamerican festivals.) The article stated that more than 200,000 more people attended this year’s parade in comparison to last year’s. This shows the fierce pride and unity Mexican people possess. I think it is important to study other culture’s traditions and holidays as we celebrate ours. It’s interesting to see how we compare and contrast in relation to Latin American countries.

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