Honduras Election Mess

I am writing my article over the chaos that is happening in Honduras over the election that happened on Nov. 26th. The article I read was over the riot police in Honduras, and how they have decided to strike, and not enforce the curfew because they believe that it makes them take sides in this heated political issue. On November 26th candidate Salvador Nasralla and Juan Orlando Hernandez went head to head in the Honduras presidential election where the two candidates tied. The Honduras electoral commission has started a recount of ballets. But supporters of Nasralla believe that Hernandez is using his current power as president to sway the vote his way. The supporters of both candidates have started protesting, sometimes making the protests violent, which is why the curfew was put into place. During the recounting of the ballets the Electoral commission had to stop the recounts because they said they had a computer failure which resulted in lost ballets. The only people allowed to be out during the curfew is people on the campaign, police, emergency workers, and government employees.  The reason that people are protesting is that there is to believed to be major voter fraud occurring.

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