Noticias Questions

Kiera‘s Article

  1. What is the definition of a refugee. How much help should a refugee expect when moving to a new country.
  2. When viewed from the governments perspective how much help should be given to refugees when economic factors and other things of the sort are concerned
  3. Instead of fleeing to another country why not try to reform Venezuela with the help of other Latin American countries such as Brazil.

Brook’s Article

  1. What are the benefits of reusing unclean water in this way, can it benefit Latin American economically and how successfully would it be incorporated in these countries.
  2. Do you believe using waste water in products meant for consumption is ethical. Also what are some possible health side effects associated with this.
  3. What are some regulations that could be put in place to insure that waste products are not used in products meant for consumption or if they are that they are properly treated.

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