Noticias #3 Celebrities use their fame to help Puerto Rico

The article I chose this week focuses on how multiple celebrities have chosen to help out the victims of hurricane Maria through varying efforts. The celebrities range from singers, comedians, actors, athletes, even talk show hosts! For example, the article states that talk show host Stephan Colbert and actor Nick Kroll found a humorous way to raise money for a Puerto Rico relief fund by sharing embarrassing puberty pictures of themselves and vowing to donate for every celebrity who joined in and posted an embarrassing picture of themselves as well. Beyoncé took another approach to raising money for a Puerto Rico relief fund by releasing a remix of the song, “Me Gente” and donating all the proceeds to countries/islands affected by the hurricane. Even the former couple, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, teamed together to create an organization called, “Somo Una Voz” which brings celebrities together to rush necessities such as food, water, shelter, medicine, power, communications, and more to areas affected by local disasters. Alex Rodrigues, Bruno Mars, and Ed Sheeren are just a few other popular faces who have joined the organization as well to help those in need. Pitbull has even used his wealth to transport cancer patients from Puerto Rico to the United states with his private jet. It is truly inspiring to see these celebrities using their fame and fortune to help others in need.

The people of Puerto Rico are portrayed as victims in desperate need of help in this article. They have been left with little to no access to food, water, power, or medical attention. On the other hand, a few of the celebrities mentioned are from Puerto Rico themselves. The celebrities are portrayed as noble citizens helping out innocent people affected by the horrible disaster of hurricane Maria. The article highlights the importance of giving back and helping your community. I think this directly related to our class’s volunteering component.

This article related to our class themes in numerous ways. It sheds light on the importance of volunteering and helping others just like our FYS class. It also shows the interaction of American celebrities with Puerto Rican citizens. The encounter is a beautiful one that shows the big hearts of privileged individuals giving back to the less fortunate. I think this article could raise some interesting discussion questions on how celebrities have helped the victims of hurricane Maria more than the government and politicians. I also think it would be important to discuss what we can do to help the victims as well.

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