Venezuelans in Colombia


Volunteers serve food to people in a church in Cúcuta

     This week I read an article entitled Venezuelans Cross Into Colombia as Crisis Deepens. As the title suggests, the article was about the citizens of Venezuela that cross the country’s border into Colombia. These travelers cost the border for a multitude of reasons. First, a little background, Venezuela, and Colombia are at a political and economic opposition. In addition to this, Venezuela “is suffering from acute shortages of medicines, hospitals struggle to treat patients and staple goods have become scares and unaffordable”. This is what causes the very large number of Venezuelans that made the trip across Simón Bolivar International bridge. The article explains that many Venezuelan families take family trips across the bridge with empty suitcases so they could fill them up will food and supplies. The churches in Colombia prepare meals for 600 to 2,000 meals a day. As well, the Scalabrini International Migration Network provides shelter in the center of Cúcuta for victims who ended up living on the streets of Venezuela.The article discussed border mobility cards which “allow Venezuelans to go back and forth across the border without the need for a passport”.A view of shacks built on the outskirts of Cúcuta

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