Noticias Discussion Questions Week 7: The Identity of Puerto Ricans as Americans

Read the posts by Brooks and Kyrsten on the current crisis Puerto Rico and how it is being handled by the American government and American celebrities.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How does the response time of the American government to the crisis in Puerto Rico reflect the way Americans perceive Puerto Ricans?
  2. Do you believe that Puerto Ricans are citizens just like other Americans, and are they treated as such?
  3. What is the American government doing to help the situation in Puerto Rico? Is it enough? Is the aid given to the citizens of Puerto Rico comparable to the aid given to other areas of the US affected by natural disasters, such as Texas?
  4. What role can celebrities play in times of national crisis? How can they help those affected by disaster?
  5. What are celebrities doing to help? Is it enough? To what extent are celebrities responsible for helping in times of crisis?
  6. Do Puerto Rican celebrities have a greater responsibility to Puerto Rico than other American celebrities?
  7. Who has a greater amount of responsibility to giving aid to those affected by crises, politicians or celebrities/CEOs/etc.?

Here is an interesting article for context:


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