Noticias: Trump Lies as Global Warming’s Victims Die

Trump Lies as Global Warming’s Victims Die

 Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan write describing the impact Climate change is having on the world discussing the responsibility that lies with politicians and governments, and their lack of accountability.
They write this article discussing the role that politics and the media is playing in deterring climate action and awareness. The immediate bias that is evident in this article is that Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan write basing all of their first hand sources on people that support their argument. They neglect to examine the opposing argument, almost focusing entirely on arguing against the media and the news.
Also clear in this article is a heavy political sentiment in which they oppose and criticise President Donald Trump and the American response to hurricanes. They neglect to clearly make the connection between the disaster events taking place across the world, and the climate change phenomenon.
However, the writers also quote reputable scientists, and clearly state that the climate change has been made into a political one, rather than a scientific one. This lends some credence to their argument as it makes clear that even this article is something of a political debate.
Ultimately, the writers make it clear in their writing that the climate change phenomenon whether fact or fiction, will continue to cause dangerous climate phenomenon, citing the record hurricanes and storms the world has been experiencing in the past year.

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