Noticias Discussion Questions

Please read Camryn and Cesar’s articles. Before class please read the lyrics to “All I Blow is Loud” by Juicy J to get a frame of reference of Brazilian Funk lyrics. Also, please look at this translation of a funk song.

Mexican Radio Host’s Resignation Highlights Ties Between Government and Media Questions

  1. Do you think the governments involvement in media influences the media’s criticisms (or lack there of)?
  2. Does the media in general hold leverage with public opinion on government effectiveness? Is this a good thing?

Why is there talk of banning funk music in Brazil?

  1. Is the attempt to ban Brazilian Funk race or lyric related?
  2. Do you think music has a positive or negative influence on youth? Specifically do you think rap and funk promote drug and misogyny?
  3. What are the differences/ similarities in rap and Brazilian Funk? Why are U.S. citizens not trying to ban rap, but some Brazilian citizens are?

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