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An apartment building is missing a wall in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Monday, September 25, nearly a week after Hurricane Maria devastated the US commonwealth. Power is still out in most places, and communications remain almost nonexistent on the island of 3.4 million people.

In this article the issue of the availability of water in Latin American countries is discussed. As the article deals with a man named Oquendo who risks his own health for the basic necessity of water. How does he do this? By drinking water contaminated by chemical waste products. The way Oquendo sees it “I’m going to drink it. I’ve drank it before. It tastes fine,’ Oquendo told CNN as he filled his jugs. ‘If I don’t drink water I’m going to die. So I might as well drink this water.” The way he sees it its better to live another day and risk being poisoned then to die from dehydration. This is due to a lack of funds in Puerto Rico which prevent a fast and effect response to the damage from  Hurricane Maria.

The people of Puerto Rico are portrayed as impoverished and desperate in this article. This can be seen by the way they describe Oquendo and his actions to get the water he needs to survive. They also show images of destroyed and dilapidated buildings in the area.

This relates to our class because it shows how Latin American countries like Puerto Rico are being neglected in their time of need. But also shows the efforts of many small groups who wish to help these people in need.

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