iMovie Resources from Today’s Workshop

Thanks again to Megan for a very productive workshop!

Here is the link for the EdTech iMovie Tutorial.

Keep taking your Instagram photos!

We’ll have peer review of your scripts in class on Monday, December 4th.  (Remember: the full assignment guidelines are here, along with some helpful links, technology tips, and the learning goals for the project.)

Some more resources from Megan:

Windows Alternatives (best options)



Apps to download for Instagram (Android)



App for Instagram image download (iOS)


Online image downloader for Instagram


Example Digital Essay:

At the very bottom of this page is an example of a student project of a digital essay.

Anger, Jackie Robinson Clip

Link to Film by Ed Tech: Wooster in Autumn

Some last quick tips:

  • Save libraries and media externally preferably to a jump drive
  • Make a copy of the project in case something happens
  • Import all media before beginning
  • Record audio narration as one piece and then they can edit as needed
  • The files will be too large to email, so we’ll share your final projects on YouTube.

Megan’s Doodle:  (to make appointments for tech support – but make sure you reach out to her

From Megan: My cubicle is located on the 4th floor of Morgan #410. They can just ask at the HelpDesk and one of the students or staff will direct them to me.

I’m excited to see your final projects!

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