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The Virgen Carmen is very important to the culture of Cabanaconde. The Virgen is very important because she offers a type of connection to the culture of Cabanaconde for the many migrants who leave the area. All people from Cabanaconde, weather or not they live in the area, can look to the Virgen and be connected to their native culture. The festival of the Virgen Carmen is very important to the people of Cabanaconde because many migrants return to their home in Cabanaconde which allows them to reconnect with their native culture. This prevents them from loosing touch with their home but it also helps to build social networks that draw new migrants which causes the growth of the international community. The incredible festival for the Virgen Carmen is also important because it draws tourism to the area. Transnational migration has reinforced the importance of the festival as a means to develop social networks because these social networks are critical for migration, especially for poorer families. The festival for the Virgen Carmen has also changed because of transnational migration because the migration has shifted the festival from a festival that was primarily agro-religious to a festival that emphasizes citizens and migrants devotion to the local town and area.

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