Noticias Week #

This article is mainly about the affects of President Trump hinting at military intervention in Venezuela. As expected the out come of this unexpected comment led to large amounts of controversy and negative backlash. Mainly since no one knew the President would say this and it entirely goes against the agenda of his defense committee who solemnly dismissed the claim. This claim also caused trouble for Vice President Pence who had a trip scheduled for several Latin American Countries days after Trump made this remark. Which led to many of the leaders of these countries worrying about military action in Latin America.

This comment arose mainly because of the turmoil that has been ongoing in Venezuela, in addition to this the country has been declared a dictatorship by a committee of nations. By threatening intervention this brings back fears of the cold war era where we sent troops to various Latin American countries for various reasons.

In my opinion I believe that this comment was completely uncalled for, it is also highly unprofessional to say. This is because it goes against the agenda of his defense committee and puts his Vice President in a very unfavorable position while touring Latin America. Also threatening military action without having just reason too is heinous and wrong.

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